Can servo motor replace stepping motor?

In the previous article, the difference between the servo motor and the stepping motor was mentioned. This article will solve the actual problem for you. So can the servo motor replace the stepping motor?

Servo motor, stepper motor are control motor, mainly used for precise positioning control purposes. In particular, servo motor, CNC system commonly used click, the general use of controller + drive + servo motor (stepper motor) + coupling + lead screw pair + guide rail is not required to reduce gear. The speed of servo motor and stepper motor can be adjusted in a wide range according to the pulse frequency.

The difference between them is that the servo motor is closed loop control, stepper motor is generally open loop control, servo motor precision, the price is more expensive than the stepper motor! Servo motors and stepper motors are used for positioning in the case of use. Servo motor and stepper motor are special motors that can accurately control the speed, but the principle of their control speed is different. Servo motor is closed-loop control (through Puma feedback, etc.), that is, the speed of the motor will be measured in real time. Stepper motor is open loop control, input a pulse stepper motor will turn to a fixed Angle, but do not measure the speed.

In general, servo motor can replace stepping motor. Servo motor is a higher level than stepping motor. It is generally used in high precision machinery, while stepping motor is generally used in simple mechanical movement.