The motor and its drive control cannot be separated from the effective scheme and design

Now all walks of life are beginning to get in touch with automation information, which is conducive to further expanding the market for motors and their drive controls.

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As we all know, the motor control system is the key to ensure high-efficiency operation and low power consumption, but now it is required to minimize energy consumption and loss, and to continuously improve the flexibility and robustness of machine operation in order to meet the higher requirements of application equipment . Therefore, for designers, not only the development cycle is shortened, but also various innovation challenges are faced.

Langlo has developed a brushless DC motor variable frequency drive solution, which can be widely used in kitchen products such as range hoods to achieve functions such as large suction, large air volume, and large static pressure.

This reference design adopts Langlo motor driver MCU TMPM375FSDMG and intelligent power module (IPD) TPD4123AK to control the motor. This solution uses vector control algorithm to realize non-inductive variable frequency motor control, and uses ARM® Cortex®-M3 core MCU and Toshiba's unique vector engine to achieve precise control of range hoods. The hardware structure is simple and reliable, and the software uses vector engine to realize vector operation, high speed and reliable, and the program structure is simple.

In terms of application, STSpin motor drivers embed all the functions required for high-efficiency and high-precision driving, ensuring that every advanced motion profile generator is running, not only reducing the host microcontroller, but also ensuring flexibility and reliability.

Additionally, STSpin motor drivers allow motors to power smart devices, providing significant power savings at supply levels as low as 1.8 volts.