A brushless gear motor is a gear motor that does not have brushes or commutators.

A brushless gear motor is a gear motor that does not have brushes or commutators.

A gear motor pump is a type of positive displacement pump that consists of a gear motor and a pump head. The gear motor is a motor that uses gears to reduce the speed and increase the torque of the input shaft. The pump head is a device that uses gears or other mechanisms to create suction and pressure to move the fluid. A gear motor pump can deliver a constant and accurate flow of fluid regardless of the pressure or viscosity. A gear motor pump is widely used in applications such as oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, and water treatment.

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Provide the industry's most complete range of hollow cup motor products, including brushless DC motors, brushless DC motors, brushless DC drivers, speed reducers and encoders, to choose the best power solutions for your industrial equipment and applications.

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Modern production management ensures the consistency and efficiency of production. At the same time strict quality internal control system to ensure that customers to provide durable, efficient, low maintenance rate of high quality motor products.


Whether it is a brushless DC motor package, or a brushless DC hollow cup motor with gearbox and encoder, we can develop or modify standard products to meet your specific requirements.

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Shanghai Langluo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development and manufacturing of a full range of high-end hollow cup motors. We have a strong research and development team and manufacturing capabilities, with a professional hollow cup motor production line, through technical innovation and customization, to help you to create outstanding and efficient transmission system. Our micro drive solutions are widely used in aerospace, tools, medical, robotics, automation, smart home, security door locks, security access control and other fields, promoting the development of critical applications worldwide. With more than 10 years of experience in precision hollow cup motor technology, we have introduced the 12mm to 46mm series of high power density brushless/hollow cup DC motors with unmatched speed torque performance to meet the various drive control requirements of the industrial field. We have a complete product development network, for a variety of industrial automation applications to provide flexible solutions.

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Choosing the Best AC Gear Motor

AC gear motors are gear motors that run on alternating current (AC) power supply.    They are widely used in applications that require constant speed, such as fans, pumps, conveyors and mixers.    However, choosing the best AC gear motor for your application can be tricky, as there are many factors to consider, such as voltage, frequency, power, torque, speed, size and cost.

AC Gear Motor vs DC Gear Motor

AC gear motors and DC gear motors are two types of gear motors that differ in their power source and characteristics.    AC gear motors run on alternating current (AC) power supply, while DC gear motors run on direct current (DC) power supply.    AC gear motors have higher efficiency, lower maintenance and better performance at high speeds than DC gear motors.    However, DC gear motors have higher torque density, lower noise and easier speed control than AC gear motors.    The choice between AC gear motor and DC gear motor depends on your application and preferences.

Combination Gear Motor: Versatile and Customizable

Combination gear motors are gear motors that combine two or more types of gears to achieve different speeds and torques.   Combination gear motors are versatile and customizable, as they can meet various application requirements by changing the number, type, size, ratio and arrangement of the gears.   Combination gear motors can also reduce the size, weight and cost of the system by eliminating the need for additional components, such as reducers, couplings and belts.   Combination gear motors are suitable for applications that require variable speed and torque, such as machine tools, printing presses and textile machines.

Brushless Gear Motor in Industrial Automation

Brushless gear motors are gear motors that do not have brushes or commutators.    Instead, they use an electronic controller to switch the current to the coils.    Brushless gear motors have many advantages over brushed gear motors, such as higher speed, longer lifespan, lower noise and less heat generation.    Brushless gear motors are widely used in industrial automation, such as robotics, CNC machines, packaging machines and conveyor systems.    Brushless gear motors can improve the performance and efficiency of these systems by reducing cycle times, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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Langluo's brushless motors are extremely durable, high-performing and efficient, which has greatly improved our equipment's overall performance and lifespan.


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Langluo's customer service is unparalleled and they are always willing to help and provide recommendations on products or designs that will work best for our specific needs.


We appreciate the attention to detail that Langluo has shown throughout our partnership, as it has enabled us to make informed decisions and trust their products.

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